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Liability Defense

Our attorneys have defended numerous corporations in a variety of matters involving products liability, premises liability, workers’ compensation, personal injury and breach of contract matters. Members of our litigation team have represented insurance companies, major retailers, automobile makers, construction companies, manufacturers and small businesses.  We are confident we have the talent and ability to represent your company in an effective and efficient manner.

Local Counsel Services

In some cases, larger corporations prefer to be represented by “national counsel”.  Unless they have been admitted to the Virginia Bar, out of state counsel appearing in state court will need to team up with local counsel to undertake the representation.  Our firm can act as local counsel for out of state attorneys appearing pro hac vice throughout Northern Virginia.  We can walk you through the process of pro hac vice admission, handle the drafting of all motions and applications to facilitate the attorney’s pro hac admission, and draft any orders required to complete the process. Thereafter, the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia require that local counsel appear with pro hac counsel during all appearances before a tribunal. Our attorneys can also handle any other routine or pro-forma motions and other appearances where attendance by out of state counsel is not necessary, or cost effective.  Our services also include advice regarding procedural compliance and reviewing of pleadings for adherence to local and state rules of procedure.

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Insurance Litigation

Our attorneys routinely defend companies that maintain high deductible insurance policies, or lack adequate or applicable coverage. We also have significant experience handling insurance coverage disputes, and insurance related declaratory judgment actions.

To speak with an attorney about a new litigation matter, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Our Process

Step 1

Initial Review and Development of Litigation Plan

The client will meet with the attorney to review the current status of the case, develop a plan of action, determine a budget, and formulate a timetable for resolution. The attorney will discuss the client’s specific goals, review any relevant caselaw or statutes related to the litigation and answer the clients questions about the process.

Step 2

Pleadings, Discovery, and Motions

Being party to a lawsuit requires ongoing effort to organize your case through written documents that are submitted to the court and opposing parties. It also may require court appearances to argue pretrial motions. During this stage, we will prepare any pleadings to be submitted to the court, draft discovery requests, responses and objections, issue subpoenas, conduction depositions, and prepare and argue any pretrial motions. This stage typically occupies 70-80% of the total timeline for your case.

Step 3

Trial Preparation and Settlement Negotiations

This stage includes review of all relevant evidence, preparation of any potential witnesses and the formulation of trial strategy. Our experienced staff will assist in the assembly of trial notebooks that include all documents you intend to present at trial. During this stage, settlement negotiations may take place in an effort to resolve your case without a trial if it is possible.

Step 4


If your case cannot be resolved through negotiation, a trial will be required. Based upon the plan we develop with you, we will present the evidence and witnesses that we have prepared to present your case in the light most favorable to you. Trials can sometimes have unpredictable outcomes. However, when you hire the Reed Law Firm, you can be confident that the evidence, arguments, and testimony you want to have heard will be presented in a coherent, organized, and compelling way to provide you with the best possible opportunity to win your case.

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To speak with an attorney about a new litigation matter, please contact us to schedule a consultation.