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Personal Injury

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Our previous client was struck by a speeding vehicle at a red light and had sustained a traumatic brain injury and various orthopedic injuries. We fought for our client until their claim was settled successfully and they were fairly compensated for their personal injury.

Medical Malpractice

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We represented a client that had undergone hip replacement surgery, but the hip was not sized properly, which caused our client to suffer significant pain and infection. This implant needed to be removed and replaced. We fought for our client’s claim and ensured they received the compensation they deserved.

Workers' Compensation

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We offer our legal services to clients working in all industries. This particular client had been working in a warehouse when a forklift ran over his foot, which caused a partial amputation and degloving injury to his foot. Our team protected his rights and helped him receive that compensation that was rightfully due.

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At the Reed Law Firm, we understand the importance of getting to know our clients and their unique legal needs. Our lawyers pride themselves on their superior expertise, individualized attention, and cost-effective representation. In a day and age where society values efficiency over substance, we concentrate on providing high-quality professional services with a personal touch.  Our office is conveniently located in Downtown Manassas, Virginia. 

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