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Car Accident

What You Should Know Before You Settle Your Claim

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, there are a few things you should consider before you settle your claim.  After an accident, an insurance adjuster has one job, that is to get your claim resolved as fast as possible, and for as little money as possible.  It is typically not advisable to settle a personal injury claim quickly.

Never Settle a Claim While You are Still Recovering

Speaking with an insurance adjuster about settlement of a personal injury claim while you are still recovering is always a bad idea. After an accident, you may be suffering from considerable discomfort.  In addition to bumps, bruises, and broken bones, may also be suffering from injuries that are still unknown.  Often, an injury you thought would be “ok” ends up lingering on.  If you are suffering from a concussion, or are currently taking prescription pain medication, you may not be thinking clearly.  As a result, you are not in the best shape to make a decision about what to do next.  An insurance adjuster may offer to pay your medical bills and give you “a little more for your troubles.” But in reality, you are probably entitled to a lot more than they are offering.

Car Accident

Never Settle a Claim When You do not Know the Amount of Your Medical Bills

If you have suffered an injury that requires medical treatment, never agree to settle your claim before you know the exact amount of your medical bills.  Without knowing the total amount you may be called upon to pay, you will probably settle for less than you should.  Medical bills can emerge from multiple sources, even though you were only treated at one location.  If you were transported to and treated at an emergency room, there is rarely just one bill.  In addition to the hospital bill, you will probably also receive a bill from any physician that treated you.  This could include the ER physician, and any number of specialists.  Don’t forget the bill from the ambulance as well.

You may be thinking that your bills are covered because you have great insurance.  In some cases, you will be required to repay your health insurer from the proceeds of your personal injury settlement?  Failure to understand whether your health insurance carrier is entitled to repayment can create a financial disaster.  If your health insurance carrier has a potential lien on your injury settlement proceeds, you may end up owing every dime you settled for back to the insurance carrier.

If you don’t have health insurance, you should be aware that hospitals and health care providers have a statutory lien on the proceeds of your settlement.  That means that some or all of your injury settlement may be paid over to your medical providers, leaving you little to nothing after you settle.

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Never Settle a Claim

At the Reed Law Firm, we have a diligent and professional staff that will assist you in collecting your medical bills and records.

Never Settle a Claim Without Reading the "Fine Print"

Never accept a quick offer of settlement from an insurance adjuster without at least speaking with an attorney.  At the Reed Law Firm, we are happy to discuss settlement offers, and to give you a free consultation and an honest opinion.  If we think that the offer you have received is fair, we’ll tell you that.  But if we tell you that we think you could probably do better, consider giving us an opportunity to assist you with your claim.

Automobile Accident Recoveries

$ 0

Our client was in a rear-end automobile accident, and sustained a concussion and traumatic brain injury.

$ 0

Our client was injured when a vehicle crossed the median and entered her lane of travel, hitting her head on at a high rate of speed. The client sustained hip and pelvic fractures as a result of the accident. Our client was able to make a full recovery.

$ 0

Our client was a passenger in an automobile that was involved in an intersection accident. The at-fault driver ran a red light, and impacted the passenger side of the client’s vehicle. The client sustained a head injury, shoulder and neck injury, and required two knee surgeries. Case settled for policy limits.

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