Recently, our Managing Partner Richard M. Reed guided a client to a successful settlement in a medical malpractice case, as reported in Virginia Lawyers Weekly. This outcome aligns with Mr. Reed’s career of bolstering parties that have suffered injury or maltreatment through no fault of their own.


Mr. Reed’s client had undergone a right hip replacement from the case’s defendant, an orthopedist. But complications arose afterwards, and the client’s prosthesis became dislocated. Although the defendant performed a revision hip replacement, the client felt compelled to visit an infectious disease specialist. He was diagnosed with a deep wound infection, which made him febrile and septic before it could be resolved. Moreover, another orthopedic physician had to conduct a two-stage surgery to correct the client’s hip replacement.


In court, Mr. Reed’s client claimed that the defendant failed to give a proper preoperative risk assessment, that his initial surgery incorporated an inappropriate technique (which increased the risk for infection), that the original prosthesis wasn’t appropriate for his weight, and that the defendant failed to contact his new physician or expedite the referral.


Following the second physician’s two-stage revision procedure, the client’s health recovered. Nevertheless, the client claimed to have accumulated $450,000 in medical bills and lost $50,000 in income. Mr. Reed’s client won a settlement of $1,050,000. And if you feel that you’ve been mistreated or accrued an unseemly amount of bills, contact our office’s medical malpractice team to get the support you deserve.


You can read the full article by Virginia Lawyers Weekly here.