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The Annulment Process

If you are seeking to obtain an annulment, our experienced family law attorneys can help.  The annulment process can be difficult and is not for everyone.

An annulment differs from a divorce. An annulment results in a court order that terminates a marriage by declaring that the parties were never legally married. In essence, an annulment is a legal decree that a marriage is void. In contrast, a divorce, which can only take place where there has been a valid marriage, dissolves the bonds of matrimony between husband and wife.

When Are Annulments Granted?

Annulments are granted only in limited circumstances such as a marriage entered into because of fraud, duress, or coercion. Despite popular belief, an annulment cannot be granted merely because the marriage is of short duration, and annulments are normally not granted for “religious” reasons.

An annulment proceeding can resolve some of the same issues that would be the subject of a divorce proceeding, such as child custodysupport and visitation, as well as spousal support.  However the process is not always without risk.  If the court finds that your cased does not satisfy the legal requirements to obtain an annulment, your case will be dismissed.  At that point, your only option to dissolve the marriage will be divorce.

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